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Dog Siberian Husky dog Borzoi dog
Country/Region of OriginRussiaRussian Federation and Belarus
NicknamesChukcha, Chuksha, Husky, Icee, And SibeRussian Wolfhound, Barzoï, Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya, Psovoi
Description The Siberian Husky is a working dog breed that was developed in SiberiaThe Borzoi is a big purebred known for being gentle, independent, intelligent, playful, and quiet.
MaintenanceSiberian Husky dog needs grooming once in a week.The advantage of Borzoi dog is it needs only moderate maintenance.
TrainningSiberian Husky dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train Siberian Husky dog.Borzoi dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train this dog.
Watchdog AbilitySiberian Husky dog barks and alert the owner when it finds any intruder.The watchdog ability of Borzoi dog is very low. That is the big disadvantage of this dog.
AdaptabilitySiberian Husky dog is very sensible to circumferance. Careful maintenance is needed.The main disadvantage of Borzoi dog is it's low adaptability.
Good with KidsSiberian Husky dog breed might not be the best option for kidsIn isolation, Borzoi dog breed might not be the best option for kids. However, to mitigate the risks, have the puppy grow up with kids and provide it with plenty of pleasant and relaxed experiences with them. This breed is also shy toward other pets an
CoatDense Double layer Harsh and Rough Medium Soft Straight ThickLong Silky
ColorsBlack Black & White Black and Tan Brown Cream Gray Red Sable Silver WhiteBlack Gray Red White
Life span11-13 yrs10-12 yrs
HeightMale:21-24 Female: 20-22 InchesMale: 26-28 Female:26-28 Inches
WeightMale:45-60 Female:35-50 PoundsMale:75-105 Female:60-85 Pounds
LovingSiberian Husky dog is preferred for it's lovable charecter. We can see it's intelligence when playing.
IntelligentOne of the advantage of Siberian Husky dog is it is highly intelligent. People are impressed by its intelligenceyes
GentleSiberian Husky dog is a gentle dog.yes
FriendlySiberian Husky dog is friendly to all especially kids.
Alert Siberian Husky dog alerts the owner when it encounters any intruder.
SocialSiberian Husky dog is a social animal. it is very friendly to others.
Litter Size6-8 puppies


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