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Dog Shih Poo dog Whoodle dog
Country/Region of OriginUnited States of America
NicknamesSweatenpoo, Swheat-n-poo
DescriptionThe Shih-Poo is a small cross breed known for being affectionate, friendly
MaintenanceThe owner of Shih Poo dog may not worry about the maintenance of Shih Poo dog, because it needs only moderate maintenance.
TrainningShih Poo dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train Shih Poo dog.Whoodle dog can be trained easily but the results will come gradually.
Watchdog AbilityThe watchdog ability of Shih Poo dog is very low. That is the big disadvantage of Shih Poo dog.
Good with KidsShih Poo dog is suitable for kids for it's affectionate, loyal, lovable charectersIt will be very nice to see Whoodle dog playing with kids
CoatCurly Long SoftLong, soft, wavy/straight
ColorsApricot Black Black and Tan Brown Cream Red Sable WhiteApricot, black, silver, red, chocolate, or parti-colored (spotted)
Life span12-15 yrs12 to 15 years
HeightMedium; 19 – 25 inches
Weight25 – 45 pounds
IntelligentEveryone will be impressed by the intelligence of Shih Poo dog. It is adorable to see Shih Poo dog's activitiesOne of the advantage of Whoodle dog is it is highly intelligent. People are impressed by its intelligence
PlayfulIt is very pleasant to see Shih Poo dog playing. Shih Poo dog loves to playIt is very pleasant to see Whoodle dog playing. Whoodle dog loves to play
GentleWhoodle dog is a gentle dog.
FriendlyShih Poo dog is friendly to all especially kids.
QuietWhoodle dog does not make any unnecessary noice. Quiet dog.
EnergeticWhoodle dog has great energy. It is able ti play long time without tired.
AffectionateShih Poo dog is very affectionate to kids and whoever is playing with him.
Litter Size3-6 puppies at a time


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