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Dog Pudelpointer dog Boykin Spaniel dog
Country/Region of OriginGermanyUnited States
NicknamesBoykin, Swamp Poodle, LBD (Little Brown Dog)
DescriptionThe Pudelpointer commonly participates in hunting and pointing.The Boykin Spaniel is a medium purebred known for being energetic, friendly, intelligent, loving, and responsive.
MaintenanceThe advantage of Pudelpointer dog is low maintenance. The owner of Pudelpointer dog will not worry to maintain Pudelpointer dog.The advantage of Boykin Spaniel dog is Boykin Spaniel dogit needs only moderate maintenance.
TrainningBoykin Spaniel dog observes everything and responds to the owner during traing session
Watchdog AbilityBoykin Spaniel dog is very active all the time and sensible to mild sounds also
Good with KidsPlaying with kids is the most loving act of Boykin Spaniel dog.
CoatDense Double layer Flat Hard Medium WireDense Short
ColorsBlack BrownBrown
Life spanMax: 14 yrs14-16 yrs
HeightMale: 24-27 Female:22-25 InchesMale:16-18 Female: 14-16 Inches
WeightMale:44-66 Female: 44-66 Pounds Male:30-40 Female:25-35 Pounds


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