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Dog Lhasa Apso dog Beauceron dog
Country/Region of OriginChinaFrance
NicknamesLhasa And Lion Dog Berger De Beauce, Bas-Rouge, French Shorthaired Shepherd, Beauce Shepherd
DescriptionThe Lhasa Apso is a small purebredThe Beauceron is a large purebred known for being courageous, friendly, intelligent, loyal, and protective
MaintenanceLhasa Apso dog is not suitable for the lazy owners because it needs high maintenance.Grooming is only necessary once in a while to maintain the dog. No trimming or stripping needed.
TrainningIt is very difficult to train Lhasa Apso dog.Beauceron dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train this dog.
Watchdog AbilityLhasa Apso dog is very active all the time and sensible to mild sounds alsoBeauceron dog is very active all the time and sensible to mild sounds also
AdaptabilityLhasa Apso dog somewhat sensible to the circumferance.It needs to be watched.The main disadvantage of Beauceron dog is it's low adaptability. The main disadvantage of this dog is it's low adaptability. The main disadvantage of this dog is it's low adaptability.
Good with KidsLhasa Apso dog is a suitable dog breed for kids. It is also friendly toward other pets and shy toward strangers.Beauceron dog is suitable for kids for it's affectionate, loyal, lovable charecters
CoatDense SilkyDense Harsh and Rough Medium Water-Repellent
ColorsBlack Brown Red White YellowBlack Black and Tan Gray
SheddingMinimalModerate shedding
Life span12-14 yrs10-12 yrs
HeightMale: 10-11 Female:10-11 InchesMale:26-28 Female:25-27 Inches
WeightMale: 13-15 Female:13-15 PoundsMale:65-85 Female:65-85 Pounds
ResponsiveBeauceron dog is highly responsive
LovingBeauceron dog is preferred for it's lovable charecter.
IntelligentOne of the advantage of Lhasa Apso dog is it is highly intelligent. People are impressed by its intelligenceBeauceron dogis prefered for it's intelligence.
ProtectiveBeauceron dog is highly protective.
PlayfulIt is very pleasant to see Lhasa Apso dog playing. Lhasa Apso dog loves to playBeauceron dog is very pleasant to see this dog playing
FriendlyLhasa Apso dog is friendly to all especially kids.
AlertLhasa Apso dog alerts the owner when it encounters any intruder.
SocialLhasa Apso dog is a social animal. it is very friendly to others.
LoyalLhasa Apso dog is loyal to it's owner and it's wellwisher.
EnergeticLhasa Apso dog has great energy. It is able ti play long time without tired.
Litter Size4-6 puppies


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