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Dog Labradoodle dog Rough Collie dog
Country/Region of OriginScotland, United Kingdom
NicknamesDoodlesCollie, Scottish Collie, Long-Haired Collie, English collie, lassie dog
DescriptionLabradoodle participates in a wide variety of activities such as agility, guarding, hunting, jogging, obedience, retrieving, search and rescue, and tracking.The Rough Collie is a long coated breed of medium to large size dog
Maintenance Labradoodle dog is very suitable for the lazy owners because it needs very low maintenance effort.
Trainning Labradoodle dog observes everything and responds to the owner during traing sessionRough Collie dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train Rough Collie dog.
Watchdog Ability Labradoodle dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present. It exhibits very protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and will do what it takes to guard and protect its family.
Adaptability Labradoodle dog is not very adaptive. Moderate adaptive.
Good with Kids Labradoodle dog is suitable for kids for it's affectionate, loyal, lovable charectersPlaying with kids is the most loving act of Rough Collie dog.
CoatDense Fine Long Medium Silky Wirelong double coat
ColorsBlack Black and Tan Blue BrindleWhite, Sable & White, Sable Merle, Tri-color, Sable, Blue Merle
Life span12-14 yrs14-16 yrs
HeightMale: 22-24 Female:21-23 Inches Male: 56–61 cm, Female: 51–56 cm
WeightMale:50-65 Female:50-65 PoundsMale 20–34 kg (44–75 lb) Female 15.8–29 kg (35–64 lb)
Intelligent Labradoodle dog is prefered for it's intelligence. It satisfies the needs of the owner with the great intelligenceRough Collie dog is prefered for it's intelligence. It satisfies the needs of the owner with the great intelligence
ProtectiveRough Collie dog is prefered for it's protective capacity.The main advantage of Rough Collie dog is it very protective
PlayfulIt is very pleasant to see Labradoodle dog playing. Labradoodle dog loves to play
Gentle Labradoodle dog is a gentle dog.Rough Collie dog is a gentle dog.
Friendly Labradoodle dog is friendly to all especially kids.Rough Collie dog is friendly to all especially kids.
Social Labradoodle dog is a social animal. it is very friendly to others.
LoyalRough Collie dog is loyal to it's owner and it's wellwisher.
Cheerful Labradoodle dog is very cheerful. We can see it's intelligence when playing
Litter Sizeup to 8 puppies8-12 up to 16


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