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Dog Gaddi Kutta dog Teacup Poodle dog
Country/Region of OriginIndiaWestern Europe
NicknamesGaddi Pahari
DescriptionGaddi Kutta is a mastiff-type mountain dog found in northern India, especially states in the western Himalayas regionThe Teacup Poodle is an unofficial size variation of the Poodle. Some of the Poodle's talents include: retrieving, agility, watchdog, competitive obedience and performing tricks.
MaintenanceThe disadvantage of Teacup Poodle dog is it needs to be highly maintained.
TrainningTeacup Poodle dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train Teacup Poodle dog.
Watchdog AbilityTeacup Poodle dog is very much liked for it's watchdog ability.
AdaptabilityTeacup Poodle dog does not adapt very easily.
Good with KidsTeacup Poodle dog is suitable for kids for it's affectionate, loyal, lovable charecters
CoatShortcurly or corded
Colorsblack, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown
Life span9-14 yrs12-15 yrs
Height30 InchesHeight: 9 inches or under (22 cm)
Weight50-90 KgWeight: under 6 pounds (3 kg)
ResponsiveTeacup Poodle dog is very active and responds to the owner immediately
LovingIt is a loving dog. Everyone will be impressed by the intelligence of Teacup Poodle dog.
IntelligentTeacup Poodle dog is prefered for it's intelligence. It satisfies the needs of the owner with the great intelligence
PlayfulTeacup Poodle dog is adorable playful dog and also energetic
SocialTeacup Poodle dog is a social animal. it is very friendly to others.
CheerfulTeacup Poodle dog is very cheerful. We can see it's intelligence when playing
Litter Size2 to 4 puppies


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