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Dog Gaddi Kutta dog Dalmatian dog
Country/Region of OriginIndia United Kingdom and Croatia
NicknamesGaddi Pahari Dal, Dally, Carriage Dog, Spotted Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog, Plum Pudding Dog
DescriptionGaddi Kutta is a mastiff-type mountain dog found in northern India, especially states in the western Himalayas regionThe Dalmatian is aggressive, alert, cheerful, courageous, energetic, friendly, independent, intelligent, loyal, out-going, and playful in nature.
MaintenanceGrooming should be performed often to keep the dog's coat in good shape. Professional groomers can be sought after for assistance. Professional trimming or stripping needed.
TrainningOne of the advantage of Dalmatian dog is it is very easy to train Dalmatian dog.
Watchdog AbilityDalmatian dog alerts the owner when it finds any intruder.
AdaptabilityDalmatian dog's adaptability is moderate.
Good with KidsDalmatian dog is very kind to all especially kids
CoatShort Dense Fine Short
Colors Black Brown White
Life span9-14 yrs12-14 yrs
Height30 InchesMale:19-23 Female:19-23 Inches
Weight50-90 KgMale: 40-60 Female:40-60 Pounds
LovingDalmatian dog is preferred for it's lovable charecter. We can see it's intelligence when playing.
IntelligentDalmatian dog is a intelligent one. We can see it's intelligence when playing.
PlayfulDalmatian dog is a intelligent one. We can see it's intelligence when playing.


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