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Dog Bernedoodle dog Rottweiler dog
Country/Region of OrigincanadaGermany
NicknamesBernese Mountain PooRottie And Rott
DescriptionThe Bernedoodle is a giant cross breed known for being cheerful, intelligent, loving, playful, responsive, and social.Rottweiler dog is used for a variety of purposes including search and rescue, police work, herding, and as guide dogs.
MaintenanceThe advantage of Bernedoodle dog is it needs only moderate maintenance.The advantage of Rottweiler dog is low maintenance. The owner of Rottweiler dog will not worry to maintain Rottweiler dog.
TrainningRottweiler dog observes everything and responds to the owner during traing session
Watchdog AbilityBernedoodle dog barks at all the strangers and alerts the ownerRottweiler dog is very active all the time and sensible to mild sounds also
AdaptabilityRottweiler dog takes ample amount of time to adapt. It is not suitable for apartment living families
Good with KidsBernedoodle dog is a suitable breed for kids and is known to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them. Rottweiler dog breed might not be the best option for kids
CoatCurly Dense Hard Medium Soft Thick WavyCoarse Dense Harsh and Rough Short Silky Straight Thick
ColorsBlack Black and Tan Brindle WhiteBlack Black and Tan Brown
SheddingModerate SheddingModerate
Life span10-12 yrs8-11 yrs
HeightMale:22-27 Female:22-27 InchesMale:24-27 Female:22-25 Inches
WeightMale:60-110 Female:60-110 PoundsMale: 85-135 Female:80-135 Pounds
ResponsiveBernedoodle dog is highly responsive
LovingBernedoodle dog is preferred for it's lovable charecter.
IntelligentEveryone will be impressed by the intelligence of Bernedoodle dogRottweiler dog is a intelligent one. We can see it's intelligence when playing.
ProtectiveBernedoodle dog not only protects the house but also the family membersRottweiler dog is prefered for it's protective capacity.The main advantage of Rottweiler dog is it very protective
PlayfulBernedoodle dog is adorable plaful dog.
AlertRottweiler dog alerts the owner when it encounters any intruder.
QuietRottweiler dog does not make any unnecessary noice. Quiet dog.
LoyalRottweiler dog is loyal to it's owner and it's wellwisher.
Litter Size8-12 puppies


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