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Dog Barbet dog Poodle dog
Country/Region of OriginFranceGermany and France
NicknamesFrench Water DogPudle, Caniche, And Barbone
DescriptionThe Barbet is a large purebred known for being cheerful and intelligent.The Poodle is a large purebred known for being affectionate, alert, energetic, intelligent, lively, loving, loyal, playful, and responsive
MaintenanceBarbet dog needs grooming once in a week.Poodle dog is not suitable for the lazy owners because it needs high maintenance.
TrainningBarbet dog observes everything and responds to the owner during traing sessionPoodle dog is a slow learner. It takes time to train Poodle dog.
Watchdog AbilityPoodle dog alerts the owner when it finds any intruder. It is a great guardian.
AdaptabilityPoodle dog somewhat sensible to the circumferance.It needs to be watched.
Good with KidsBarbet dog will be very nice to see this dog playing with kidsPlaying with kids is the most loving act of Poodle dog.
CoatCurly Long Water-Repellent WavyCorded Curly Dense Harsh and Rough
ColorsBlack Brown Fawn Gray WhiteBlack Black and Tan Blue Brown Red Silver White
SheddingMinimal SheddingMinimal
Life span13-15 yrs10-13 yrs
HeightMale:22-26 Female:20-24 InchesMale: 15-21 Female:15-21 Inches
WeightMale:37-62 Female:37-62 PoundsMale: 45-65 Female: 45-65 Pounds
ResponsivePoodle dog is highly responsive
LovingBarbet dog is a loving dogPoodle dog is preferred for it's lovable charecter. We can see it's intelligence when playing.
IntelligentEveryone will be impressed by the intelligence of Barbet dogOne of the advantage of Poodle dog is it is highly intelligent. People are impressed by its intelligence
PlayfulBarbet dog is a cheerful dogPoodle dog is loved by all the children because of it's playful charecter.
AlertPoodle dog alerts the owner when it encounters any intruder.
LoyalPoodle dog is dog is loyal to it's owner and it's wellwisher.
EnergeticPoodle dog has great energy. It is able ti play long time without tired.
AffectionatePoodle dog is very affectionate to kids and whoever is playing with him.
Litter Size3 puppies


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